Dive Mafia

Frequently Asked Questions


Sunblock, Sunhat, Sunglasses, Snorkel & Mask, Wet suite boots or wet shoes, Camera, Camera charger, Torch, Spare batteries, International plug adapter, Fly swat, Insect repellent, Anti-malaria medication, Long trousers and a light sweater,

Mobile Phone and an open mind.


PLASTIC BAGS – they have been banned in Tanzania & Kenya  – TAKE NOTE The Rest of the World.

 More than 20 kilos luggage, alcohol, any weapons or fire arms, poison.

Any time except for April and May.

In order to see the Whale Sharks best is October through to March.

Generally the short rains are in November and December and the longer rains in March, April and May. However climate change is making the rains less predictable and recent years more rain has fallen during the short rains than the longer rains.

You do not have to have any but recommended would be:

Tetanus, Hepatitis A &B, Typhoid, Rabies,

Yellow Fever is only controlled if arriving from another African country where the vaccinations are obligatory.

Yes, especially in Dar es Salaam and sometimes on Mafia.

For our guests visiting Ruaha and Mafia Island for a week or two we recommend ensuring that you use mosquito nets and cover up skin at dawn and dusk as well as using sprays and deterrents.

But to be totally safe it is better to take a prescribed prophylax like doxycycline, and mefloquine.

We ensure that there are mosquito nets in our partner Hotels & Lodges.

No. Kitu Kiblu is not located in the Marine Park.

Currently $23.60 for adults, half price for children 3 – 15 yrs old, but it can go up without warning.

Strictly 20 Kilos per person!! If more you will either need to pay a surcharge or depending on how full your flight is be requested to leave some luggage behind. Take note Scuba Divers flying with your own equipment!

Definitely not. Observe the 12 – 18hr no fly rule after scuba diving.

Yes at Mafia Island Lodge…subject to constant electricity supply! (They do have their own generator in case of long power cuts).

Not at Chole Mjini or Chole Lodge (electric fans are supplied and at Chole Mjini the trade winds blow through the tree canopy where you stay).

Yes, all bottled mineral water is safe to drink. Do not drink from any other water source.

Yes, your drinks bill needs to be paid by cash or credit card before departure.

Yes, please do. You can tip individually or leave a collective tip before you leave. The service is always friendly and often excellent.

Yes. Just let the staff know on arrival your dietary requirements and the excellent cooks will prepare accordingly.

Yes, Vodacom and Airtel have masts on Mafia. Beware of Level 4 European Roaming Tariffs!

Yes. High Speed Wifi at the Mafia Island Lodge.

Yes. At Chole Mjini Red Herring Café only.

Yes Hotspot at Chole Lodge, but slow.

Yes, sometimes at Kitu Kiblu!