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Mafia Island is the largest of a small archipelago of islands and atolls and is truly paradise. It is the Southernmost of three islands (Pemba & Zanzibar) located off the coast of Tanzania. 25kms from the mainland and 130kms from Dar es Salaam, it is reachable by light aircraft in 35 minutes or 45 minutes from Zanzibar and the Selous Game Reserve.

The resident population of 46,000 are mainly fishermen or smallholder farmers that grow coconut, paw-paw, rice and cassava. The islanders are friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere relaxed and laid-back. The dominant religion is moderate Islam and both Christians and Muslims live in peace and harmony.

Mafia Island


Days of warm sea


Off the beaten track

Year Round

Amazing aquatic life


Years of dive experience

The Marine Park

The Marine Park is located between the Rufiji River delta to the West and the open Indian Ocean to the east. The dual influences of the river and the sea have combined to create a rich and exceptional biodiversity with unique landscapes under the sea and on dry land. It is a unique and perfect destination as part of a safari package or simply a place to unwind and get away from the modern, busy world. Dive Mafia founder, Jason Savidge decided on Mafia Island as opposed to the better known and more easily accessible Zanzibar, as his destination for guests for a number of reasons:

Amazing Snorkeling

In A stunning paradise

White Sands

Dreamy days on the beach

Whale Sharks

From Sept - Feb

Jason has dived all over the world, but the day he snorkelled with Whale Sharks in the morning and dived with Sea Horses in the afternoon he knew Mafia was the spot to bring guests to.

Having grown up in Ruaha National Park on the mainland and later in Kenya. He now lives in The Swiss Alps. Having owned and managed two successful ski & snowboard Lodges he is looking forward to go back to his roots and  introducing Mafia Island to his European guests.